Meet the Staff

Jayme Austin

Jayme Austin, RDH

Jayme Austin became the owner of Fine Dental Hygiene in 2018. Jayme took over from Marilynne Fine who had decided to retire.

Jayme is a registered dental hygienist who graduated from the College of New Caledonia in 2010. She began her career in private practice and has progressed into periodontics for several years. After completing her schooling at the University of Washington and acquiring her license to practice dental hygiene in residential care, she joined Fine Dental Hygiene.

Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson, RDH

Kevin Jackson is a graduate of the University of Alberta, having obtained a Diploma in Dental Hygiene in 1990. He worked full time with Dr Ian Leitch Okanagan Dentistry in Kelowna from 1990 until 2008. He subsequently provided fill-in services at various dental offices in the valley.

Kevin completed his Diploma in Dental Care for the Disabled through the University of Washington in 2011. He then joined Fine Dental Hygiene, where he has become an integral part of our Care Site team.

Pam Griffith

Pam Griffith

Pam Griffith graduated from Business College in 1992, with a degree in Microcomputers and Business Administration. After discovering an interest in the medical and dental field, she has been specializing in healthcare administration for over 10 years, with a passion for helping patients and their family members. Pam is focused on providing excellent customer service and ensuring top quality patient-oriented care. Pam and her family moved to Kelowna in the spring of 2016, then she joined the team at Fine Dental Hygiene in December 2020.

Are you a Care Coordinator in our service area?

Our mobile dental hygiene service is a great addition to available services at any long-term care facility. We invite all care home managers from Osoyoos to Salmon Arm to contact us for more information on how to add us to their list of service providers.

We invite any care home from Osoyoos to Salmon Arm to contact us to enquire about our services to seniors.


Serving long-term care facilities from Osoyoos to Salmon Arm

We invite any care home from Osoyoos to Salmon Arm to contact us to enquire about our services to seniors.